Our company is the company specializing in the production of cereal and oil machinery and equipment that combines scientific research, manufacturing and sales. Our company has oil machinery design institute, the smallstry of oil press, large oil complete sets department, international trade department, machinery and equipment production department. Various types of edible oil refining equipment, oil processing equipment and oil extraction equipment produced by our company can be widely used for pressing, refining and leaching of soybean, peanut, camellia seeds, flax, walnut, rapeseed, cottonseed, sesame oil, rice bran and other vegetable oil crops. The products are with precise manufacturing, durable and suitable for small and medium-sized oil plants.

Ourcompany has a leading name in the Oil Mill and Oil Refining sector as topmost manufacturers and exporters of Oil Press Machines, Oil Mill Machinery, Oil Mill Plant, Oil Extraction Machinery, Oil Expellers, Oil Filtration Equipments, Seed Processing Equipments, Oil Refining Equipments & Vegetable Oil Refinery Plants.

Our company has grown into the cereal and oil machinery production and export base in China rapidly with scientific management, excelsior manufacturing process and innovative manufacturing idea. The production and sales and the comprehensive economic indicators of our company ranked among the top of the domestic industry. The products sell well all over the country and have been exported to Russia, India, South Africa, Ukraine, Nepal, Indonesia, kazakhstan, Iran, north Korea, Vietnam, Pakistan, France, the European Union and more than 30 countries and regions