Type: Hydraulic Sunflower Seed Oil Press Machine

Processing material: only sunflower, corn and rice bran

Capacity: Follow press yield

Hydraulic Sunflower Seed Oil Press Machine: Crusher,Press

And for the vegetable oil dewaxing/winterising, not all crude vegetable oil requires this process, general, only sunflower, corn and rice bran vegetable oil is to be dewaxed/winterised before consumption as it contains high molecular weight wax. The wax makes the oil cloudy.
To obtain very clear quality of oil specially in cold conditions, vegetable oil needs to be dewaxed/winterised. If oils stored at low temperatures , waxes, high melting tri glycosides and certain gums may separate as solids from the oil. This leads to an undesirable cloudy appearance , and many consumers may mistakenly think the oil is spoiled.

The automatic hydraulic oil press is a small oil press with simple operation, high oil output

rate and less replacement of wearing parts. It is an advanced equipment for manual operation

of replacing small grinding sesame oil. (2-8 kg / time), short time (8 – l2 minutes / time). The

main processing oil crops of this machine are: sesame, walnut kernel, tea seed, pine seed (good

peeling effect), almond and other high oil crops.

 1. The pressure value in actual work is greater, the oil output rate is higher, and the safety is higher.
2. Hard chrome electricity instead of decorative chrome. It won’t fall off the plating.
3. The load-bearing panel and load-bearing column are made of characteristic steel instead of ordinary steel to ensure durability and safety.
4. Each mm of key parts is professionally inspected. Any plate is discarded if there is a problem. No defective plate is allowed for equipment manufacturing.
5. Use high-quality motor to ensure strong heart power. Low failure rate.
6. Patent barrel, increase the oil output on the premise of ensuring strength.
7. Design. Reduce the height of the bottom plate of the main engine, and improve the dust-proof effect of the fuel tank.